How to Perform a Plank with a Stability Ball

Planks are exercises that help you develop a strong core. When you do them, you improve the strength of your abs and the stability of your core muscles. At the same time, planks properly done are easy on your back and, in fact, make it stronger and less prone to injury. Do planks as a part of your regular exercise program for an effective and […]

Cardio Kickboxing Stances and Guards

All sports require a basic set of fundamentals. Fundamentals allow not only for the practitioner to practice the sport more effectively but, are often a basic requirement for safety. A few fundamentals of Kickboxing that we will cover here are; Front Facing Combat Stance, Side Facing Combat Stance, Making a Fist, and basic Guard Position. To make a fist correctly you must start with an […]

Cardio Kickboxing Hook

Cardio kickboxing is a martial-arts inspired fitness program that takes basic kickboxing moves and uses them to create a fun-to-do, mega-calorie-burning workout. In addition to rapid calorie burning, this no-contact workout also strengthens muscles, improves flexibility and supports a heart-healthy lifestyle. Cardio kickboxing requires no equipment other than an able body. While that might sound simple enough, let there be no mistake about it; cardio […]

Cardio Kickboxing Front Kick

Cardio kickboxing front kick is one greatest ways of exercising and at the same time, learning some special techniques that can help one defend themselves in case of an attack. To get into the right position, one has to first stand up and maintain a straight position with their legs slightly apart and arms on guard. The kick-boxer front kick is then achieved by one […]

Advanced Pilates Rolling like a Ball with a Ball

The advanced pilates rolling like a ball with a ball exercises enables one to build on their general body muscles. These include the abdomen muscles as well as the spine, the thighs and the shoulders. By regularly rolling like a ball with a ball, one further gets to become more flexible and capable of performing different tasks with their bodies that would otherwise have been […]

Advanced Pilates Back Extensions on the Ball

For millions of people around the world, Pilates has had huge health benefits. From better posture, increasing stamina, toned limbs, overall body flexibility, and strengthening of muscles, Pilates has equipped men and women to reach an enriched lifestyle like never before. For those who proceed to Advanced Pilates, the increase of flexibility and physical endurance is tremendous, not to mention the amazing fitness results for […]

Advanced Pilates Circular Crunches

Many men and women have begun adding pilates to their workouts, because of the overall benefits. You can build your core and entire body, because it allows you strengthen your body in a way that allows you to energize and tone yourself overall. When this is what you are looking for, there are a number of exercises that will let you make the most out […]

Fit Over 50 Bicept Exercises

Staying fit over 50 requires extra attention to safety while exercising. It is easier to strain muscles and break bones as you get older. However, if you take your time and do the right kinds of exercises, staying fit over 50 will become second nature. One area many like to keep in shape is the arms. The biceps and triceps may become harder to keep […]

Fit Over 50 Stretching Exercises

Getting or staying fit after 50 presents a unique challenge. Whether you have neglected your physical fitness or you have worked to stay fit your entire life, your body’s changes during this time make it necessary to relearn everything you know about fitness. You need to understand each part of each exercise as it pertains to the condition of your body at the moment you […]

Fit Over 50 Abdominal Exercises

Many people who are aging still want to work to stay healthy and fit. One of the best ways to start toning the body is to work to do a good crunch. Many people have been doing crunches wrong for their entire lives. In the past, people may have been working their neck too much, but those who want to do it right are going […]